Interim Management.

The challenge

A leadership vacuum at board level can create serious problems in a company, irrespective of its size. One solution might be to consider Interim Management, either to cover a fixed transition period during which responsibilities are transferred or to support senior management. Typical examples include covering the sudden and unforeseen loss of a leading figure in the company; strengthening leadership when founding, taking over or selling a company; accompanying the change process; or coaching on succession issues.

The solution with Frey Investment & Management Advisory

Someone with a proven track record of experience as a leader and specialist in the banking and insurance industries at Executive Board-level and in the execution of various responsibilities. A credible and socially-competent person who places great value on trust, personal responsibility, respect and esteem. Someone without career interests in your company who can help you reach an objective assessment of the situation and the action required. Someone with good communication skills.

The advantages for you

  • someone who is readily available and who can hit the ground running
  • immediate transfer of know-how and leadership skills
  • a solution that is predictable with regard to time and cost
  • an objective and independent “sparring partner”
  • someone who can perform a buffer function in testing situations
  • someone with no career interests in your company
  • someone whose personal connections can open doors

Typical examples

You would like to:

  • call on an experienced manager to bridge a leadership vacuum at board or senior management level
  • advance a strategic or interdisciplinary project using the perspective of an objective leader
  • coach a successor during his or her introductory period using outside leadership skills and experience
  • strengthen the leadership in a spin-off company or a merged business unit
  • support the change process by bringing in additional leadership skills and competence