Investment Advisory.

The challenge

Institutional investors want to protect and optimise their assets and earnings and secure their liquidity positions while conforming to all legal and regulatory requirements. For this it is necessary to have an appropriate framework, a system of rules and a suitable organisational structure. If these requirements cannot be covered by in-house specialists, there is much to be said for calling in an experienced outside specialist who can take care of such issues as developing an investment policy and strategy, defining operational processes, looking after risk management or drawing up an appropriate reporting system.

The solution with Frey Investment & Management Advisory

Someone with extensive investment know-how gained from having taken overall responsibility for asset management at Executive Board-level. Someone experienced in managing a CHF 12.5 billion portfolio invested in traditional asset classes including real estate and mortgages. A credible, highly-trained financial professional who can either support you inside your own company or who can act as a connecting link to your external asset managers. Someone who is competent, experienced and independent and who has an extensive network of personal contacts throughout the financial services industry.

The advantages for you

  • readily available expertise and competence
  • only a short running-in period needed
  • direct access to know-how and experience
  • an experienced, neutral and independent “sparring partner”
  • confidence in your asset management will be strengthened

Typical examples

You would like to:

  • check or re-define the system of rules and the strategy governing your asset management
  • enhance security for your responsible decision-making bodies
  • integrate an objective “second opinion” into your investment commission
  • introduce an appropriate and sequential reporting system for various stakeholders
  • confer or renew banking mandates
  • obtain an objective assessment of a new investment idea for your decision-making bodies
  • examine the pros and cons of in- or outsourcing asset management