The challenge

The Board of Directors is the highest leading body of a company. The Board should be composed in such a way that it is in a position to carry out critical analyses, give impulses and act as a “sparring partner” to the Executive Board. It is important for the Board of Directors to consist of a balanced mix of personalities and talents. The competences needed for successful leadership must exist at board level. These principles apply to every company, irrespective of its size, and they also apply to companies or institutions with a legal form different from that of a joint-stock company.

The solution with Frey Investment & Management Advisory

Someone with many years leadership experience at Executive Board level and with a background in banking, finance and insurance. A member of the Board of Directors and the governing bodies of foundations involving various sectors and companies of differing size. Someone whose profile includes heading sales departments and executive committees. A credible, professionally-trained person who is also competent, experienced, independent and multilingual and who has his own network of contacts in finance and business.

The advantages for you

  • access to banking, finance and insurance know-how
  • extend the competence of your Board with specific investment know-how
  • a complementary view from the outside
  • an impartial and independent “sparring partner”
  • an additional network that can open new doors

Typical examples

You would like to:

  • integrate an independent outside perspective into your Board
  • enhance your Board’s competence in finance and investment issues with know-how and experience
  • complement your Audit Committee with someone who can act as a “sparring partner” for your CFO
  • bring in someone who can function as a competent and impartial connecting link to your external financial partners
  • benefit from experience gained from other Boards of Directors